11 Harold Road, Upper Norwood, London, SE19 3PU - 020 8771 7727 - info@firststepdaynursery.co.uk 


8 amChildren begin to arrive
8.15 amBreakfast time
9.15 amRegistration & Circle Time
9.30 amFocus Activities & Free Play
10.30 amGarden Play
11.20 amStory time & Children wash their hands
11.30 amLunch time
12 pmMorning children depart
12.15 pmQuiet Time & Nap Time
2 pmSnack Time
2.30 pmFocus Activities & Free Play
3.30 pm Tea Time
4 pmFree Play
4.30 pmGarden Play
6 pmDoors close 

  • This routine is only a guide - all activities are varied and allow your child to cover all areas of the EYFS Framework
  • We operate a free flow policy, wherein children are allowed to explore their interests in our newly refurbished garden under full supervision
  • Children are taken to the toilet when they ask to go
  • Children that are still in nappies are changed when needed


Small group sizes and the correct staff ratios ensure all the children in our care receive the best personal and professional attention in order to progress.

We understand the importance that play has in the learning of children. Through carefully planned activities and play children are able to develop socially, emotionally, physically and cognitively, giving them the best start in life.

Our policies, procedures and practices are all guided by the principles and requirements as laid down by the Early Years Foundation Stage. This helps us to understand that children cannot be put into vague categories, but that they are all individuals. We pay close attention to the developmental stages of each child and provide for them accordingly.

At First Step Day Nursery we plan activities according to the child’s interests as observed by the staff. Based on these observations we can build on your child’s knowledge to encourage further progress.