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We fully support the children as they make transitions within the Nursery, for example when they graduate from the Toddler Room to Pre-School.

Parents are kept informed well in advance about what will happen during transition times.

As your child moves from room to room they will first be given opportunities to spend short amounts of time in their new room to enable them to settle in. Parents are most welcome to get involved in this process as much as they want. Key carers will transfer all information about the child to ensure the transition is smooth and the child is comfortable.

In cases where a child attends several settings, we will endeavour to maintain good communication between all parties to ensure that your child is supported accordingly.

When a child is ready to go to Primary School, our staff will take time to talk to both you and your child about school and what you can expect. Resources and activities are provided to enhance the discussions about going to school with your child and staff make themselves available to talk to children about any concerns, or indeed excitement, they may experience. Schools are also provided with transfer sheets which contain developmental and educational information about your child. All children who leave the Nursery for school are most welcome to come back to visit!


We understand that your child’s development, learning and behavior can be affected by a range of influences and transitions from inside and outside the Nursery. As such we pride ourselves in being sensitive to the needs of each individual child especially during periods of change, working closely together with you to bring out the best in your child.

It is of paramount importance that all children are treated with great care and consideration and new children will be made comfortable, cared for and integrated into the Nursery at his or her own pace.

During the first and second sessions the parent or carer has the option to:

  • Stay with the child, if they wish, for part of the session
  • Stay with the child for the whole session
  • Leave the child for part or all of the session

We would advise parents that they ought to do, what they know in their experience, is best for their child.

We fully appreciate that it is a difficult time for both parent and child, and are here every step of the way to make it as comfortable as possible for both.

The Nursery continues to run as normal when parents are present, with staff continuing with their normal duties and children with their normal routines. We believe that this enables parents to see for themselves the high levels of care that is received by all children at First Step Day Nursery.

Once your child has started Nursery we are more than happy to receive frequent phone calls from parents, because we fully understand that parents have concerns when leaving their child at the Nursery for the first time. We aim to alleviate any concerns you may have. Indeed if at any point your child appears to be very upset we will inform you of this and give you the option to call, and also discuss the matter with you so that we may find a mutual solution to making your child's experience as comfortable as possible.